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Quality and technological innovation is the theme of our products. Our mission is to be the high quality best cost leader in all market segments our products and services are represented in. To learn more about our products just click on the application you are interested in. If you would like a representative from Southern Communications to contact you about your specific tower needs just fill out our online Order form.  
Guyed Towers :
Guyed towers are available with tubular legs, solid serpentine rod bracing and welded sections; they are supplied in heights to meet your specifications. Rajessh Engineer hot-dip galvanizes all steel parts to ensure uncompromising integrity in severe climates. Our knock down towers are ideal for applications where shipping space is a concern or extra heavy loads are anticipated.
Self Supported Towers :
Southern Communications offers self supported towers up to 80m with tubular or angle legs and angle as bracing members. We offer self supporting tower as triangle and square cross section towers. In triangle, tubular or angle sections are used as legs while only angle is used in square cross section towers. In both the cases angle is used as bracing member.
Custom designed Towers :
If our pre designed towers specifications does not meet your requirements, we will design towers for your specification and requirements. Also we modify or alter the existing pre designed towers appropriate for your specifications if you need.
Tower Accessories :
Southern Communications offers a variety of tower accessories. We can provide you with safety climbing ladder, anchor bolts, waveguide ladder, antenna mounts, guy wires and grounding accessories. Also we offer the fasteners like bolt and nuts, U-bolt and J-bolt for tower erection. All tower accessories and hardware are hot dip galvanized. Galvanization and all hardware offered meets ASTM standards.
Power Line Towers :
Southern Communications offers a variety of over head transmission line towers from 11kv to 440kv single circuit and double circuit for T&D industry. We manufactured and supply all towers to international standards and specifications.
Solar Power Generation Systems :
We provide total solution for renewable energy generation. The company utilizes a solar energy concentrator to increase energy production thereby, minimizing the costs. Thermal energy is generated using a concentrated MicroCSP. It generates working fluids of high temperature to drive thermal driven engines or organic rankine cycle power blocks.Solar PV technology is suited for commercial and residential roof-tops, while solar thermal is suited for large-scale and centralized energy generation in the megawatt. Thermal energy storage can be utilized as a buffer and can extend or shift hours of power generation to match the structures of local utility peak prices.
BTS Shelters :
We provide a wide range of Telecom Shelters for highly sensitive Telecom equipments. These shelters have sufficient space for accomodating the equipments inside the shelter.
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